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Panic Alert System

Emergency Panic Alert System allows a person/institution under duress to quickly and silently call for Police help just through a single click on an electronic device/Smartphone

How to Use Panic Alert System?

Panic Alert System are installed in dedicated Smartphone or Fixed Electronic Devices and directly connected via control server to the 16 different places i.e. Police Control, Capital Safety Program Offices, Rescue 15 Station and Vehicles of Quick Response Forces of Police and Rangers. Panic Alert System is basically a electronic device/Smartphone that a person/institute would activate when they needs help from police in any emergency situations like armed attack by terrorists, bomb blast, fire, ambulance and other suspicious activities. He will just push the button and alert is being received on 16 different places within 5 seconds and police quick response forces rush towards emergency area in minimum possible time and encounter the problem on timely basis.

Safe School Training

Save The Nation & Islamabad Police has not only successfully implemented the Panic Alert System but also conducted 105 School Safety & Security training and awareness sessions at Capital Safety Program Office, Rescue 15 Station for teaching, non-teaching & Security staff, which not only enable them to know the usage of Panic Alert System but feel of security and confidence of help in the event of any emergency.

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Safe School Magzine

Safe School Magazine is one of the most useful print and resource for safety and security of schools by and safety professionals. The magazine includes statistics on key issues such as police and security department staffing, pay; weapons and equipment; training; public safety policies and issues; and emergency management as well as articles and profiles.

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